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Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) in Instrumentation, Control, and Safety (2004–Present)

Director: Carol Smidts (OSU)
Co-Director: Tunc Aldemir (OSU)
Co-Director: Bruce Hallbert (INL)

The principal aim of ACE is to provide strategic direction and guidance in the development of research related to the instrumentation, control, and safety of advanced energy systems. ACE is also a means to strengthen collaboration with our strategic partner, INL, on this mission.

As a part of this mission, we have developed a number of road maps and held various workshops to develop research agendas in support of the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy.

  • Workshop on Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment (2007)
    Annapolis, Maryland, Co-sponsored by the USNRC
  • Technology Road Map on I&C and Human–Machine Interfaces (2007)
    In support of the DOE Advanced Nuclear Power Plant program
  • Workshop on Advanced I&C and Human–System Interfaces Research Directions (2009)
    Columbus, Ohio, For the Light Water Reactor Sustainability program

In addition, we have been developing the concept of a distributed test facility for digital I&C systems. Such a test facility would leverage distributed resources to integrate, encourage, and accelerate research related to testing I&C systems in new and existing reactor designs. Our goal is to define a working model of this test facility and prototype it within the OSU/INL research environment.

For the purpose of strengthening our collaboration, we sponsor trips to INL for young faculty in nuclear-related fields. We also sponsor graduate student travel to participate in summer educational programs.

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